How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost?


If you’re planning to buy a swim spa but are not aware of how much a swim spa could cost, including the installation and maintenance charges, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Swim spa prices vary on many factors like the type of swim spa, sizes, and customization that you want to come with the swim spa. The upfront price of a swim spa that you get at a dealer or find online is just the purchase price, and there are other prices to pay for, which includes the delivery, installation, cover of the swim spa, and any customizations. Swim spa pricing can also differ from place to place and dealer to dealer.

Remember, if you are shown a swim spa that has almost all the features of a luxury swim spa but at a lower price, know that even though the purchase price is less, the material and the workmanship must’ve been compromised. ‘You get what you pay for’ should be your motto before buying a swim spa. The higher the price of a swim spa is, the more features and quality it possesses.

So, what are swim spas?

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Swim spas are usually considered as a cross between a spa and a swimming pool. It has jets that will give you a relaxing hydrotherapy session as a spa does, but the smallest swim spa starts from 10-11 ft long and 7-8ft wide to the largest swim spa of 25 ft long and 7-8ft wide. Swim spas have jets and propellers that create a current and resistance for you to swim against, letting you get the experience of swimming in a pool. There are dual-zone swim spas available too, which has a separate space for a hot tub within the swim spa.

What is the average cost of a swim spa?

The average costs of a swim spa can range anywhere between $10,000 and $60,000. Cheap swim spas below $10,000 will be tempting, but you will compromise a great deal on the quality and workmanship of the swim spa, which will result in more maintenance and repair costs.

  • Small Swim spas cost $10,000 to $15,000
  • Mid-size swim spas cost $15,000 to $25,000
  • Large size swim spas cost $20,000 to $60,000

Swim spa price can vary depending on various reasons like swim spa types and its dimensions, features, functions, design, brands, time of the year, your local dealership, and your city. The perfect way to buy the best swim spa for your money is going down to your local dealer shop and asking for different features and functions of the swim spa to your dealer. You can then further decide on upgrading features and creating your own custom swim spa, which will increase additional costs.

Additional Costs

swim spa delivery


While some of the local dealers offer delivery along with the purchase of a swim spa, you may find dealers that don’t offer, and you’d have to hire an agency to deliver your swim spa. Delivering a swim spa can cost you from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The delivery charges can depend on your location, but the delivery charge is not included in the installation charges. Your swim spa will be delivered at your doorstep or the designated place for your swim spa through a crane.


Installation costs of a swim spa differ on how you plan to install it.  You will need at least a 6’’ thick concrete slab as a base and an electric supply line (around 220 volts) in your backyard for above ground or outdoor swim spas. This can cost you up to $1500, but an in-ground swim spa installation will cost way more.

Due to the large size of a swim spa, you may need a forklift or a crane to lift the swim spa if any building or tree obstructs.  For an in-ground installation, you will need to dig a hole large enough to accommodate a swim spa, making sure to avoid any gas line or phone lines, water pipes and power cables, costing you around $2000 to $5000, double the amount of above ground swim spas.


Provided that the swim spa is delivered and installed correctly, the maintenance and ongoing costs of your swim spa will include chemicals used for the water, electricity, and potential repairs. Swim spas with low-quality filtration systems and purification will end you up spending more bucks in the future.

Buying a swim spa during a swim spa sale, which costs less purchase price and more features will have poor interior materials to cut back the cost and costing you way more in repairs. So if you try cutting costs on the upfront purchase price, you’ll just end up paying more money down the line.

Swim Spa cover

Buying a swim spa cover is essential if you want to protect your swim spa from objects getting into the water. It also helps in maintaining the temperature of the water, especially during winter, to extend its durability. You can buy a manual or an automatic cover. The automatic cover will roll on from either side in under a minute.


How much electricity your swim spa will depend on various factors like

  • How often will you use it
  • How many people will use it
  • How big is your swim spa
  • Local electricity rates
  • Local climate
  • How insulated your swim spa will be
  • Consistent water temperature

If you plan to turn off your spa after every use to save your electricity bill, you will end up getting a bigger bill. It is better to constantly run your water heater, which will ultimately be energy efficient. But, if you plan on going on a vacation, and would not be using the swim spa for some time, then it will be wise to turn down the temperature instead of completely shutting off the heater.

How to save money

Before you go down to your local dealer, find out about the different types of swim spas and their cost. When you go to the dealership, don’t let them convince you with additional features and functions that you don’t think is necessary for you and your family. Barter with them and see if they are willing to lower the prices.

Don’t buy anything on the very first quote, even for installation; call up a few installers and get different quotes and choose accordingly.

For the best swim spa, know more about different features and sizes that the swim spa comes with and buy the perfect one that suits your lifestyle and family.

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