Custom Hot Tubs or Swim Spas with Your Measurements and Feature

Whether you are looking for lavish custom hot tubs or swim spas, with our various range of spa components from custom service, we are the reliable hot tub manufacturer that can offer a one-stop shop for your buying needs.

Choose the hot tub shell, skirt and cover color, shape, size and features that fit your needs in the following.

Custom Hot Tub & Swim Spa Configuration

  • Hot Tub Spa Color Choice
  • Hot Tub Spa Jets Choice
  • Hot Tub Spa Control System
  • Hot Tub Spa Upgrade Parts Choice
    • P10 S03 1 1

      Custom Hot Tub Spa Shell

      USA Aristech Acrylics is the material used in the custom hot tub spa shell for decades in our factory, always satisfying our customer with quality colors and innovative design.

      • Surface finish retains its glossy appearance through years of use
      • Colors remain fresh, and don’t fade even in sunlight
      • High heat retention and comfortably warm to the touch
      • Durable, beautiful, and easy to clean hot tub spa surfaces
      • 13 hot tub spa shell colors available without any extra cost
      • 6696 white pearlescent color

        6696 White Pearlescent

      • 6615 Summper Sapphire

        6615 Summper Sapphire

      • 6878 Midnight Opal

        6878 Midnight Opal

      • 9514 Gypsum color 1

        9514 Gypsum

      • 6427 Silver White Marble

        6427 Silver White Marble

      • 6811 Ocean Wave

        6811 Ocean Wave

      • 9583 Sahara color

        9583 Sahara

      • 6459 white color

        6459 White

      • 6240 Mediterranean Sunset

        6240 Mediterranean Sunset

      • 9514 Gypsum

        6970 Oyster Opal

      • 6256 Mayan Copper

        6256 Mayan Copper

      • 6301 Odyssey

        6301 Odyssey

    • P04 S03 1 2

      Custom Hot Tub Spa Cabinet(skirt)

      Royal Spa’s hot tub cabinet(skirt) colors reflect current market demand and popularity, as well as having virtually no fading or color change. The material allows for weather and heat-resistance, anti-corrosion and good electrical insulation.

      In addition, it’s a graceful and solid spa structure that doesn’t need regular maintenance.

      • PS 01 coffee

        PS-01 coffee

      • PS 02 grey

        PS-02 grey

      • PS 03 nature

        PS-03 nature

      • PS 04 black

        PS-04 black

      • PS 05 red

        PS-05 red

      • PS 09 light grey

        PS-09 light grey

    • P04 S03 1 3

      Custom All Seasons Shield Warm Cover for Your Own Hot Tub Spa

      Covers help protect your custom hot tub from debris and withstand the effects of sun and weather. Investing in a good cover is investing in the lifespan of your hot tubs.

      Choose from the various colours and textures with coordinating cabinet shapes to create your unique custom hot tub cover style. The color options we provide match most environments. Each spa cover is valued in its unsurpassed durability and heat retention properties.

      • C 01 solid black

        C-01 solid black

      • C 02 solid grey

        C-02 solid grey

      • C 03 red brown

        C-03 red brown

      • C 04 light brown

        C-04 light brown

      • C 05 tripe grey

        C-05 tripe grey

      • C 06 dark brown

        C-06 dark brown

      • C 07 stripe black

        C-07 stripe black

      • C 08 coffee

        C-08 coffee

      • C 09 grey white

        C-09 grey white

  • Royal Spa Hot Tub Jets Give You A Better Hydromassage

    Royal Spa exclusive water jets rejuvenate the users’ body and skin, through the super saturated water containing billions of oxygen-rich micro bubbles.

    The water jets’ arrangement is different for each individual massage seat. Depending on your requirements to the quantity of jets and seats, our designer can quickly adjust the pumps to fit to them in order to reach the best hydromassage experience.

    The difference in Royal Spa hot tub jets is that they do all this without any clogging or parts that wear out——a true breakthrough in spa jets.

    • Focuses on tension relief in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet

    • Use air valve to adjust jet stream intensity and pressure

    • Unique in both high- and low-impact massage

    There are mainly four different types of deep therapy water jets to option:

    • Hot Tub Jets

      Wei Navigation series water jets

    • Alpha series water jets 2

      Alpha series water jets

    • Moon series water jets

      Moon Series water jets

    • Elegant series water jets

      Elegant Series water Jets

  • We Make Your Hot Tub Spa Easy to Control

    At Royal Spa, we have always used Balboa or Gecko control systems for all of our custom hot tubs and swim spas until now. Our years of industry experience tells us that these systems provide the best controls for Jacuzzi spas and that’s what we offer for our customers.

    You can choose one of these high-tech control systems for your custom hot tub spas, because they are both efficient and simple to operate. No need to worry about it costing hundreds to replace as all our Balboa and Gecko parts are supplied with 2 year warranty.

    Main Feature:

    • State-of-the-art button technology

    • Fast control the temperature, pumps, lights and blower with an easy touch

    • Instant access and control your spas anywhere at anytime directly from your smart device include Android and iOS.

    • American-made Balboa

      For over two decades of their innovative design and development, Balboa have been renowned for their quality range of pumps, blowers, electronic control systems, therapy jets, wireless remote devices, etc. We can provide whatever our customers need as we’re their one-stop shopping destination.

    • canada-made-gekco

      Canada-made Gecko

      For a best hot tub & swim spa manufacturer, Canada Gecko is the perfect partner. 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of interfaces and controls of all types for the spas and hot tubs have made us experts in user preference.

  • Adding Audio-Video to Your Spas

    Newer hot tub spas can come equipped with stereos and built in speakers with an option to add a pop-up television. For your option, we can give you much less expense.

    These devices have the advantage of portability and waterproofing. It won’t cost you much space. Integrating advanced technology connection into your hot tubs will make them more attractive in the spas market.

    Spa Enhancement Accessories

    • Pop up TV
      19 Inch Waterproof Pop-up TV
    • Pop up Speaker 1
      Pop-up Speaker With LED Lights
    • DVD Player 1
      Waterproof DVD Player
    • Subwoofer 1
    • Ipod Docking Bluetooth
      USA Import Ipod Docking (Bluetooth)
    • Wifi Mould
      USA Balboa Wifi Mould

    LED Lights Upgrade Lighting Jacuzzi Hot tub

    A highlight of Royal spa is the lighting. Most of our spas feature a multi-colored LED lighting system. More than 7 colors can be changed. They are 100% waterproof and will light for over 120 hours continuously.

    LEDs are incorporated into the spa shell, air jets and selected water jets, illuminating your pillows and neck seat, as well as creating a special spa environment.

    You can individually control the colour and brightness of underwater lights or set the system to loop through them all.

    Additional Accessory Range

    • Warm cover
      Nordic Warm Cover
    • PS Step new
      PS Step
    • UV
      UV Disinfection System
    • Waterfall with led light 1
      Waterfall With Led Lights
    • Pop up fountain
      Pop Up Fountain
    • Aromatherapy
    • Drink Tray
      Drink Tray
    • Cover lifter 1
      Cover Lifter
    • Safety handrail
      Safety handrail

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