The Value of Energy Efficiency

  • Low Maintenance

    Our line of outdoor spas and hot tubs are guaranteed to run efficiently for many years with minimal maintenance needed, thanks to the Balboa Control system and other quality components installed.

  • Heat Retention Properties

    The heating system on our hot tubs transfers 100% of generated heat it produces directly to the water. The insulation cover keeps water warm, even after extended use.

  • Energy Efficient

    Royal Spa’s line of energy efficient hot tubs and outdoor spa start with a shell construction. Full-foam insulation is placed to retain the most heat, requiring less energy for the heater.

Full Insulation Technology

  • Shell Insulation

    Shell Insulation

    Royal spa uses a 25mm-30mm layer of high-density polyurethane foam to the shell, compared to our peers’s which is usually around 5mm. Moreover, we also cater special shell insulation requests, providing up to 50mm-60mm of high-density foam to the shell if needed.

  • Cabinet Insulation

    Cabinet Insulation

    A 15mm-thick aluminum foil is attached to the inner cabinet of the outdoor spa and hot tubs, along with a stainless steel frame for structural security. This insulation setup helps maintain the thermal energy of the tub while enhancing the visual aesthetics of our products.

  • Base Insulation

    Base Insulation

    To avoid any leakage and minimal heat loss during use, we install a strong base plate at the bottom of the hot tub. A layer of aluminum foil insulation for FRP bottom base is also attached at the base to aid in maintaining the temperature.

  • Frame Insulation

    Installed on the intermediate spaces between the stainless steel frames are thick, industrial strength insulation mats. These mats help retain the heat within the setup, while preventing cold temperature from going in. The mats effectively assist in keeping the warm temperature up for an extended period.

Additional Methods for Energy-Saving

  • Jet Pumps Reduce Energy Consumption

    Jet Pumps Reduce Energy Consumption

    The jet pumps installed on every hot tub combine efficient plumbing, quality jets and optimum flow control for a cost-effective system. Additionally, the reasonable allocation of massage jets and pumps within the hot tub reduce running costs while delivering the perfect hydrotherapeutic experience for users.

  • Insulating Cover Fits to Keep Heat

    Insulating Cover Fits to Keep Heat

    For insulation covers, Royal Spa utilizes only the best quality cover material, along with customized sizing to fit perfectly on every hot tub or jacuzzi spa. This forms a protective seal within the system to retain the heat for a prolonged period, reducing energy needed for heating.

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