Premium Fitness Swim Spa

Premium Fitness Swim Spa

As one of the leading swim spa manufacturers of China, Royal Spa utilizes our own factory when creating swim spas for efficient cost control. With our factory, we can create multifunctional swim spas for therapeutically and recreational uses at a lower price point than competing products.

Drive brand awareness with Royal Spa OEM or ODM services such as your logo printed to the exterior of our swim spa. Lifetime technical support is included with our spa products along with free accessories to further help you gain the trust of your customers and clients. Contact us to get a free quote today!

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Royal Spa Difference

  • Smart Heating System

    The heating component of every Royal Spa swims spa comes from Balboa, a US company. The component can achieve the desired temperature in a short time and with less power.

    Unlike other swim spa manufacturers in China, the insulation layer of our swim spa has a thickness of 25 to 30mm to ensure the water stays warm for a long time. The smart heating system of our swim spa can help drive your brand.

  • Extra-Pure Water System

    The water in Royal Spa swims spa goes through sterilization with the built-in ozone generator and filters. The ozone disinfects the water by removing any bacteria or contaminants. Special mixers are also included in the ozone generators to further clean the water.

    With the built-in extra pure water system, you can attract customers who want to save money on water bills by changing the water twice a year only.

  • High Quality Material

    High Quality Material

    Drive referral rates in your target market with the durability of our swim spa. Thanks to the use of branded materials such as ARISTECH Acrylics for the shell, our spa can withstand common outdoor hazards and has a long lifespan.

    The 304 stainless steel jet material of our spa also creates a strong flow for a therapeutic massage. Drive brand awareness with the performance of Royal Spa hot tubs.

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