• China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa

    Royal Spa utilizes 6 semi-automatic production lines in manufacturing our market-leading hot tubs and outdoor spas. Each line works efficiently and seamlessly to the next, ensuring consistent and on-time output.

    • China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 1

      Mold blister workshop keeps constant temperature furnace for effective blister molding

    • China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 2

      Hardware workshop houses steel cutting machines mainly used for configuring stainless steel brackets

    • China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 3

      Carpentry workshop handles making peripheral cabinets using precision wood sawing machines

    • China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 4China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 4

      Installation workshop is where the mechanical components like pumps and nozzles are assembled

    • China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 5

      Test water workshop takes care of product testing and making sure there are no leaks

    • China Premier Manufacturer of Outdoor Spa 6

      Packaging workshop secures the completed product for shipping

  • Spas Crafted for Reliability and Innovation

    • Mold Forming
      Mold Forming

      Mold is cleaned before the process to prevent bubbles from appearing. This also helps to shape the mold, creating a perfect product.

    • Reinforce & Keep Warm
      Reinforce & Keep Warm

      Spa surface is reinforced with 8mm vinyl ester resin mixed with 6 layers of glass fiber for durability. The tub is then sprayed with foam insulation cotton for temperature regulation.

    • Install Jet
      Install Jet

      Strategically-placed holes are carefully drilled on the spa surface. Water jets are then inserted to the holes and are trimmed to fit the space.

    • Install The Frame
      Install The Frame

      A bracket made from 304 steel is mounted to the spa for stability. Its thick, steady surface allows the spa to support heavy weight without damaging the wooden frame.

    • Jets & Water Pipe Installation
      Jets & Water Pipe Installation

      Stainless steel clips are used to clamp small pipes linked to the nozzles. Imported glue is applied to the holes to cover them and ensure no leakage.

    • Electric Parts Installation
      Electric Parts Installation

      Electric parts like massage pumps, control systems, heaters, LED lights and ozone generators are placed accurately and securely on the spa frame.

    • 24 Hours Leakage Testing
      24 Hours Leakage Testing

      Tubs are allowed to run within a 24-hour time window to verify how parts work and for any leakage. This test is done twice for quality assurance.

    • Hot Tub Clean
      Hot Tub Clean

      Tub is masterfully cleaned to provide a fresh finish. Cabinets and other outer parts are installed to the tub at this stage.

    • Packing

      Completed tub is covered with pearl cotton, and then packed once more with cotton plastic bag for protection. An iron frame is also placed at the bottom for support.