pure water system workflow

How Royal Spa Delivers Cleaner Spa Water

  • Efficient Disinfection
  • Low Operational Cost
  • Clean & Clear Spa Experience
  • Ozone System Operated for Effective Filtering

    Royal Spa makes use of an ozonator for water treatment systems as they help destroy bacteria, viruses and algae that might appear in the water of your spa. Helping to ensure your customers’ overall health and safe experience, we set up an ozonator system that combines effective filtering, water purification, water circulation, and water skimming processes. Enjoy reduced levels of chlorine that make spa water safe and sanitized and that does not result in a constant residual chlorine level which could harm the pool.

  • A Special Mixer and UV light Help Further

    Compared to other bathtub plants, we make use of a special mixer and an extra syringe on the ozone generator. Because of this, our ozone can be mixed efficiently before being used in the bathtub for improved disinfection. Our ozone generator purifies using electricity in an energy-efficient manner to ensure pure, clear water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage. Installed generators emit UV light that helps with producing ozone.

  • Low Maintenance & Healthy Enjoyment

    Ozone reduces your costs and maintenance time for your tubs to prolong their service life. Smells from chloramines and chemicals are minimized, which translates to better reception from your customers. They will feel their skin getting softer thanks to ozone in your spa water.

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