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Hot Tubs for Sale

  • Powerful Massage Hot Tub Brand

    Royal Spas hot tubs have smart, innovative design that deliver powerful, soothing hydrotherapy and enhanced relaxation. We make it a huge difference from other competitors. These include high-tech advancements in insulation, filtration and heating systems.

    It also features fiberglass reinforcements, adding strength and durability to the hot tub where the frame meets the acrylic shell. And all jet positions and functions are specially designed for optimum relaxation and unique effects targeting soft tissue and deep tissue muscles.

    Hot tub sizes, dimensions, seating capacity and configurations are up to you. Small hot tubs for 2 persons, 4 persons, 6 persons, and lagre hot tubs like 8 hot tubs and up to 14 perons are all available for your to choose from. We have everything covered.

  • Premium Fitness Swim Spa for Sale

    The wide, smooth current swim spa we make is good for swimming, jogging, walking, or exercising in water without the stress gravity has on the body.

    The combination series provides a seat that is designed ergonomically to wrap you in comfort while delivering the ultimate in hydrotherapy with a unique pattern of stainless steel massaging spa jets.

    Optional LED lights and high-end stereo with underwater transducers create the perfect relaxation experience. We build our swim spas to be used year-round in every possible climate.

Features & Advantages

Well Designed for Your Next Hot Tub & Swim Spa Project

  • s03-aristech acylics_

    USA Aristech Acrylics

    Our exclusive spa’s body is made of USA aristech acrylics, top quality from America. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, it also comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • Jet With LED Lights

    Jet With LED Lights

    Many of our Jacuzzi spas come fully-equipped with LED-lighting, which is used to help heal the human body through chromotherapy as a professional colour therapist.

  • Stainless Steel Jets

    Stainless Steel Jets

    Therapeutic jets come standard on all Royal Spas hot tubs that deliver the ultimate acupressure massage. They are all distributed according to the principles of reflexology.

  • American made Balboa

    Balboa Control System

    We exclusively fit Balboa control products with full factory design support. So you can quickly access your Jacuzzi spas controls, like setting your hot tub temperature, and turning your pumps and jets on and off as you wish.

Heat Retention Engineered for Efficiency

Energy efficient hot tubs start with the superior heat retention from our environmentally friendly foam insulation. The insulation technology along with the shell, the floor, and the cabinet, makes them among the most energy efficient and long-lasting Jacuzzi spas on the market.

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Water Purification System

The cutting-edge Royal Spa Hot Tub Water Management System utilizes three hot tub sanitization methods—Ozone, UV light and a combination of multi-filtration and 24 hours circulation pump—to create a more effective hot tub sanitation solution than any other system on the market.

  • uv technology

    UV Technology

    UV light can neutralize 99.9% of water-borne pathogens while keeping your hot tub water crystal clear and very easy to maintain.

  • multi stage filtration

    Multi-Stage Filtration

    The filtration system ensures your hot tub water is quickly and easily cleared of all the tiny particles and ready for the water treatment process.

  • ozone generator

    Ozone Generator

    Our hot tub ozonator, combinng a special mixer and additional injector, works to dissolve contaminants hiding in the water, which remains consistent method of water care.

Discover Our Water Care

Molding Your Hot Tub & Swim Spa

Just The Right Size & Features For Your Hot Tub & Swim Spa Ideas

We have an extensive background in designing and installing custom built-in Jacuzzi spas to any outdoor space, applicable for hotel resorts, fitness spa centers, holiday villages, family gathering, etc.

To make your ultimate fit to your architecture landscaping, you can choose from an array of hot tub & swim spa sizes, seating layouts and color combinations.

Once you tell us any ideas or provide the drawings with sizing even though they aren’t standard specs, our design manager will help create a spa hot tub design that works best for your installation.

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s06 dimension and equipment layout of Demeter new

Quality Starts in Hot Tub & Swim Spa Manufacturing

With state-of-the-art operation, our management team has over 20 years of hot tub & swim spa manufacturing success, and always treats our customers like family—giving you the best service, the best prices, and of course, the best quality products.

See How We Manufacture
  • 100% quality assurance checkpoints

    100% quality-assurance checkpoints

  • Every spa is filled with water twice incessantly to test systems

    Every hot tub spa is filled with water twice incessantly to test systems

  • Modern manufacturing facilities

    Modern hot tub manufacturing facilities

  • 6 workshops of Dedicated and experienced staff

    6 workshops of Dedicated and experienced staff

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