Powerful Massage Hot Tub

Powerful Massage Hot Tub

Royal Spa is one of the top hot tub & outdoor spa & jacuzzi manufacturers in the market with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. You can fulfill various aesthetic requirements with our wide range of designs and customizations for hot tubs.

Completing large volume orders is feasible since we are one of the leading hot tub & outdoor spa & jacuzzi manufacturers with six production lines and can manufacture up to 5,000 pieces per year. You also enjoy a short lead time with Royal Spa fast delivery of at least 15~20 days. Drive profit by quickly accomplishing business requirements with our capabilities. Get a free quote today!

Certified by

  • CE

  • ISO

  • SAA

  • CB

  • RoHS

  • TUV

Our Products

  • Capacity
    • 1~2 Persons

    • 3 Persons

    • 4 Persons

    • 5 Persons

    • 6 Persons

    • 7~8 Persons

  • Series
    • Classic Series

    • Deluxe Series

    • Economy Series

    • Elegant Series

    • Fashion Series

Style Features

More than 75 market-oriented hot tub styles are available among Royal Spa hot tub lines. Royal Spa’s line gives you a diverse selection that can attract your target demographic.

As a top spa manufacturer in China, our hot tub & outdoor spa features cutting edge curve design and an innovative Balboa Control System. End-users can even control our hot tub tub with their smartphones. The usability, attractiveness, and functionality of our hot spa can build your company image.

  • Quality Material

    Among the many hot tub spa manufacturers in China, Royal Spa is consistent in providing you reliable hot tub spa products thanks to the use of quality material and parts. The control system, heater, and other components come from known brands such as Gecko, Balboa, and Aristech Acrylics.

    Materials from credible Chinese suppliers of stainless steel water jets and other parts make our hot tubs durable. You can build trust with our hot tubs’ reliability.

  • Full Customization

    Personalize any Royal Spa hot tubs with our OEM/ODM customization options such as a wide selection of colors and interior designs. Your brand logo can also be integrated into the spa interior or pillows. The customization option lets you achieve a luxurious or affordable configuration, helping you target specific markets.

    Royal Spa offers a free consultation, professional advice, and drawn designs to help you identify trends in your target market.

  • Service Advantage

    Obtain better value than other spa manufacturers with Royal Spa services such as free additional parts or special configuration of the jets. Royal Spa also offers hot tub molds that are exclusive to your company only.

    Each Royal Spa hot tub comes with a two-year warranty for electrical parts and a five-year warranty for cylinder structures. The warranty ensures high customer satisfaction rates for your company.

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