Typical Swim Spas Dimensions and How to Choose the Best Sizes for You to Relax and Exercise in Your Backyard


A spa is where you can relax and exercise at the same time! A swim spa, in your own space, is a perfect place to spend quality time with your family or maintain your health.

Swim Spa for relaxation

Investing in a good swim spa based on your needs and conditions is essential. But, how to decide which swim spa size to go for? Well, don’t worry. Below listed are the different swim spa dimensions which will help you to select the perfect swim spa for you.

Benefits of having a Swim Spa

Benefits of having a Swim Spa
  • Swim spas are cost-efficient when compared to having a swimming pool installed in your backyard. You don’t have to dig out $70,000 for a swimming pool where a standard $14,000 swim spa can do the same and some more. The maintenance and upkeep of a swim spa are much less compared to a swimming pool.
  • Not only you get a swimming pool like experience, but you can also get hot tub features with a swim spa. The swim spa hot tub combo is the perfect choice to go for if you’re looking to soak in some hydrotherapy session along with a place to exercise. You are able to enjoy both of these features in the privacy of your home. The warm water in the spa can also help reduce insomnia, stress, muscle pain, and anxiety. If you don't know the differences between a hot tub, swim spa, and a Jacuzzi, read this article first.
  • With the Endless pool swim spa feature, you get a laminar current where you can swim continuously without any interruptions of running into a wall or having to take a turn. You can even install an underwater treadmill to walk or jog or run against the current.
  • The ‘Swim spa hot tub’ feature where you get a swim spa along with a designated space for a hot tub helps people recover from joint pain, injuries, and surgeries, and also helps in improving arthritis and mobility.  This combination speeds up the recovering process through proper blood circulation throughout the body.

What sizes for Swim Spas available

swim spa dimensions

Small Swim Spas (10 – 11 feet)

These types of small swim spas are perfect for families who do not have enough backyard space but still want to enjoy the benefits of a swim spa. Small swim spas don’t allow enough space for you to swim properly. They provide the feature of hydrotherapy like Hot tubs with 50 jets and remarkable water features.

Features include:

  • 7 – 8 feet width and 4 – 5 feet depth
  • Provides a jet seat for hydrotherapy benefits

Medium Swim Spas (12 – 16 feet)

‘Fitness model’ or ‘trainers’ are mostly referred to as the medium-sized swim spas because of the water current, which provides resistance for swimmers. The fitness model swim spas are perfect for those who want to enjoy both fitness and quality time with their family. You can enjoy the hydrotherapy jets, and you can also upgrade your swim spa by adding underwater treadmills or a rowing machine. You can even customize the medium-sized spas with special lighting or sound systems to make the swim spa the perfect space for a fun time with your friends or family.

Features include:

  • 7 – 8 feet width and 4 – 5 feet depth
  • Provides two jet seats
  • Laminar swim current

Large Swim Spas (17 – 18 feet)

Along with being energy efficient, large-sized swim spas are great for people who follow a fitness regime as it has enough space to mimic a swimming pool. Also, you get a choice of water flow such as paddlewheels and propellers.

Features include:

  • 7 – 8 feet width and 4 – 5 feet depth
  • Two jet and standard seats

Extra-large Swim Spas (19 – 25 feet)

25ft swim spas are the longest type of swim spas giving you ample space to exercise and relax at the same time. These types of swim spas have an allocated space for the hydrotherapy pool or a hot tub which is separated from the swimming area. The hot tub in these swim spas hold up to 60 hydrotherapy jets and can seat around four to six people with a water fountain and sound system.

Features include:

  • 7 – 8 feet width and 4 – 5 feet depth
  • The hot tub provides four to six jet seats
  • Provides a current which lets a swimmer swim at 8mph

How to choose the right swim spa size for you

How to choose the right swim spa size
  • How much space do you need for a swim spa

The very first question you may need to answer is how much space you have for a swim spa. If you have a tight space then going for the small-sized swim spas, around 10 feet long and 7 feet width, will be the right choice for you. The small-sized spas are solely made for aquatic therapy and not much for exercise because of the space constraints.

  • How many numbers of people are using the swim spa

Swim spa manufacturers provide multiple swim spa sizes, but which will suit your family can only be determined by some conditions.

You need to consider the number of family members who are going to use the swim spa. If the answer is going to be 1 or 2 members, then you can go for small swim spas (11 feet), but if you have kids or will have friends over then, you should go for a larger swim spa around 17 or 19 feet long. This way, they will get more room to move around and play. It would be best if you also consider the height of people going to use the swim spa. A 6 feet person will not have enough space to swim in a medium-sized spa, so go for 18 or 19 feet sized spa.

  • Purpose of buying: Fitness or Relaxation

Now, the next question you need to ask is whether you’re buying a swim spa forfitness or relaxation. If you’re planning to relax, then go for swim spas that have hydrotherapy jets and if more people are going to use then buy a swim spa that comes with 4 seats in the hot tub area. If maintaining your fitness is your goal, then buy swim spas that provide laminar current and resistance against swimming. You can also upgrade the swim spa with an underwater treadmill and other optional resistant equipment, as discussed above.

When you finally have an answer to the above conditions, you can narrow down to the best swim spa that meets all your needs and requirements.

Trying out the swim spa is the perfect way to know which one is right for you. Most swim spa dealers offer ‘wet tests’ where you can come to the store and try out the swim spa yourself.

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