Royal Spa Helps A Sweden Customer to Enhanced Heat Insulation for Outdoor Spa


Customer: Christer Johansson

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Model: Phoebe swim spa


Our dealer come to us to help them to customize the outdoor spa, portative two parts, the swimming zone and outdoor jacuzzi zone, which is suitable for the heavy snow winter in Sweden.


Low Temperature

Comfortable Therapeutic Seats

Powerful Hydromassage

How We Did It

We apply Balboa water heater and its polyurethane insulation keep the swim spa warm, so user can enjoy it throughout the year. Three powerful swim pumps make the three swim jets spout rapid water, forming ideal conditions for swimming and hydrotherapy. Considering the ergonomics, we pay attention to the details to all seats of great size with utilising high flow waterjets to rejuvenate the tired body.

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