4 Easy tips to Drain and Clean your Hot Tub


Wouldn’t you love yourself some relaxing time in your hot tub and let it do its magic and wash away all that pent up week-long stress?

how to clean a hot tub

But, how would you feel if you knew that your hot tub had become a breeding ground for gross bacteria that could probably make you ill? Well, if you have bought a hot tub that is best for you, cleaning and maintaining it also becomes a responsibility to extend the life span of the hot tub. It’s recommended that you drain and clean your hot tub quarterly.

Why do you have to clean your hot tub or spa?

Well, imagine your spa water sitting in that hot tub for weeks and months at a time contaminated with germs and bacteria. However hard you try to keep it hygienic and well maintained, ultimately, you need to empty, wash and refill your hot tub with fresh water. Draining the spa water is much preferred to intensive shock treatment, which, as time passes, can cause harm to spa seals and chemicals.

It is also important to drain your hot tub to reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level. This level contains dissolved solids like pH balancers, chlorine, bromine, body oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products, etc., and germs. These microorganisms don’t just sit in spa water, but they also go through the filter and pumps. They can also cause Legionnaires’ disease, hot tub folliculitis, and E. coli. If the quality of the water decreases, it can clog your hot tub filters, and containments like Biofilm can build up on surfaces. It also reduces jet pressure and increases pressure and strain on your pump motor. With passing time, Biofilm builds a barrier around them and can even become resistant to chlorine, if they are not cleaned properly.

When do you need to clean your hot tub

When do you need to clean your hot tub?

Aside from the fact that you need to drain and refill your spa every three months, you should also remove and clean if:

  • Water becomes foamy or cloudy.
  • There’s scale buildup on the hot tub.
  • You or any of your guests use it too many times.
  • There is a foul odor from the water.
  • You haven’t used the hot tub for a while.

My suggestion is, “When in doubt, just drain it.” It is better to properly maintain your hot tub rather than letting the filters get clogged, resulting in a considerable expense to clean it.

How to Drain your Hot tub?

Don’t be intimated by the cleaning process if this is your first time, just follow the steps penned below and you’ll be good to go.

1. Flush the lines- Biofilm, which is developed inside your lines, can’t be removed through circulating the water normally. So before you can proceed with further steps, you need to add a Line Flush product to break down Biofilm and other contaminants (this line flush product can be readily available at your local pool store or hardware store). You need to use an amount of the product according to the hot tub’s volume printed on the package instructions. Once you have added the product, let it circulate for at least 20 minutes. You’ll be surprised by the gross foam created on the surface, but that means that the product is at work.

Switch off the power of your hot tub

2. Switch off the power- The second step you need to take is to shut off the power. The pumps shouldn’t run while there is no water in the spa; it can cause harm to your hot tub pump.                  

3. Using a garden hose- The easiest and cheapest way to drain your hot tub is by hooking up a garden hose to your spa drain and letting the water out. But the downside of using a garden hose to drain water is that it’s too time-consuming and can take up to an hour.

garden hose to drain a hot tub

4. Using a submersible pump- Invest in a right submersible pump for the long run; this is the quickest option to drain out your spa water within minutes. Remember that some submersible pumps wouldn’t drain out the spa water completely. You would need to use a wet/dry vacuum to drain out the water that is left at the bottom of the tub.

Important: Note that you adhere to your local guidelines on how to dispose of the contaminated water to prevent damaging the environment. If the water from the hot tub is chemically balanced, you may let the water run out in your lawn. But remember, plants don’t precisely strive on too much chlorine in the water.

How to Clean your Hot tub?

how to clean your hot tub

If you have reached this step, well, you’re halfway to finishing off the process. Good job! So now, while you’re waiting for the water to drain, you can remove the filters and clean them. If you think that it’s not entirely the time to replace the filters, you can use vinegar and water solution or use dishwasher detergent and water solution. Soak the filters in the solution overnight and then hose them down gently the next morning. A good filter cleaning spray can also get the work done. It’d be ideal if you replaced your spa filters once a year for the hot tub to function correctly. Remember, if your filters are too dirty on removal, they need to be replaced asap!

Now, get ready to get your elbows greased a little.  So if you’re eager to run to your house to use the household cleaners, then DON’T, they could leave a dulling residue or react negatively with the chemicals which are used to treat water. You need to apply a hot tub cleaner to the surface of the tub, which will quickly remove any stains, dirt, and scale on the lines of the interior. You shouldn’t use any abrasive material to wipe off the tub, instead use a soft cloth or a non-scratch nylon scrubber and gently wipe away the entire residue. Make sure to clean every nooks and cranny, which are hotspots for the breeding ground of algae or bacteria. Remove any residue of the cleaner and drain off the rinse water from the hot tub to avoid your hot tub to foam while refilling it.

Don’t forget to clean the pillows, light lens, and the exterior of your hot tub. Remove any dirt, cobwebs, dust, and debris, etc.

Pro tip: While you’re at it, it’s a good idea if you clean the hot tub cover with the same solution, rinse it and wipe it off with an absorbent towel.

How to Refill your Hot tub?

Now when your tub is clean, you can’t wait to jump in, right? Put the brakes on that thought just for now. Your first step should be to make sure the breaker is still off. It would help if you refilled the tub using a hose filter to reduce any residue or contaminants that are already in the water, which might affect your water chemistry. Place the hose in the filter housing; this way, it reduces the risk of an airlock. An airlock is when an air bubble gets trapped in the plumbing lines and doesn’t let the water flow efficiently.

How to Refill your Hot tub

Then turn back the power on.

We need to sanitize the water by adding essential chemicals like Sodium dichlor, chlorine granules, and bromine. Make sure to balance the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness level. Also, use a metal sequestrant if necessary, in case you use well water or city water that has high metal content.

Now, the only job that is left for you is to get in that Hot tub and enjoy a good time with your favorite drink.

drink in a hot tub

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