Hot Tub Cover Buying Guide: Definition, Benefits, Types, and Tips to Choose the Best Cover for Hot Tubs


Owning a hot tub means that I understand the importance of having a good quality hot tub cover. Buying a hot tub will add value to your home instantly, and like all investments, I want to keep it in the best condition possible.

A cover will help keep my hot tub looking new for as long as I own it. Buying a hot tub cover gave me peace of mind knowing my investment is protected and left me with one less problem to worry about. 

What is a hot tub cover?

A hot tub cover is an additional necessity for my purchase. A cover is needed because if a hot tub is exposed to rain, snow, or any other type of harmful element, it could become damaged or need to be replaced long before originally planned. A quality cover will keep my family enjoying the hot tub for many years without the hassle of constantly needing to be cleaned.

I can always expect to have to add chemicals and do light maintenance and upkeep with any hot tub but with the right cover, the extra effort and endless inconvenience will be avoided.

Benefits of having a hot tub cover

I purchase a hot tub because I wanted to have fun entertaining friends and family. After spending long days working, cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with everyday chores, it’s nice to have a glass of wine in my hot tub whenever the mood strikes!

A hot tub cover allows for these spur-of-the-moment desires to happen effortlessly. If I didn’t have a hot tub cover then I may need to clean and add chemicals before I jump in. I don’t know about you but if I want to relax, having to stop to do anything besides turn on the jets is definitely not relaxing.

A hot tub cover is the only protection between your investment and the weather elements. It is designed to have a pitch and a slope. A quality hot tub cover will succeed in 2 quality functions.

  • Keep the heat inside where it should be
  • Keep debris, weather elements, insects, or anything harmful out

The perfect hot tub cover can be purchased very easily and can be reasonably priced anywhere between 300 and 400 dollars. I am very relieved knowing I chose to purchase a cover. I had already invested so much in the hot tub itself and for a few hundred dollars more, I am protecting my hot tub and assuring that it remains in perfect condition for years to come.

Hot Tub Cover Types

Once determined on buying a hot tub cover, the next part is deciding on what type of cover you want. There are some key facts to look at before handing over the cash. I did my research and found out the trick to finding the perfect hot tub cover is understanding the need for durability, how easy is it to use, and is it pleasing to look at.

I wanted the peace of mind of knowing my money was well spent and would not be wasted. There are 4 main types of hot tub covers to choose from.

  1. Aluminum Covers: This type of cover is known to be durable and water-resistant. They are made out of styrofoam placed between aluminum plates. This hot tub cover can be cheaper if that is one of your main objectives when looking for a cover.
  1. Hard Spa Covers: Hard Spa Covers are usually the most popular. They are made to perfectly fit over your hot tub and seal the edges. I feel like this cover is very aesthetically pleasing and also fits most budgets.
  1. Smartop Covers: This cover has a hydraulic lift which can help make enjoying your hot tub even easier by letting the cover do all the work.
  1. Soft Spa Covers: This type of cover was not at the top of my list when looking for my hot tub cover. They are made to be durable and keep out debris and the elements, however, soft covers are not thermal and you will be losing heat which is a huge downfall.

Be sure to do your research and highlight the features you are most interested in when doing your shopping.

What Hot Tub Cover Should I Buy?

Get out your pen and paper and write down these few tips before you start your hot tub cover search.

Shape and Size

Your hot tub dimensions will determine the size and shape of your hot tub cover. You want the cover to fit perfectly. This will keep water from being lost to condensation, heat from getting out, and debris from getting in.


A hot tub cover thickness should be around 5” x 3”. You want to be sure you are protected against all the seasonal temperatures.

Level of Insulation

A quality hot tub cover should have anywhere between 1 and 2 lb foam density. Of course, the higher density, the more insulation.

Your specific needs

Buying a hot tub cover is not the same for everyone. My needs may be different than yours based on several factors.

  • Is your hot tub covered by a roof or exposed to rain/snow etc.?
  • Is your hot tub inside the home, maybe on a sunporch, screened-in area?
  • I live in a northern, colder state and need insulation whereas someone else may live in a much warmer part of the country.

Maintenance cost

I did not want to worry about the constant need to clean my hot tub or deal with a higher electric bill and those were big factors when making my decision. Some individuals may not see regularly cleaning and running the heater as a concern at all and those factors among others go into choosing a hot tub cover.

Cover cap

Choosing a cover cap can also be viewed very differently from person to person. I needed my cover to be light and easy to maneuver. It was also important that my children could lift it up and down. The weight and easiness can be very important when deciding on exactly what type of cover cap to purchase.


The research you put into purchasing your hot tub cover is just as crucial as the research you did when you bought your hot tub. An investment like this is one to be proud of and show off so be sure to get a hot tub cover that will protect and keep your hot tub in great condition.

I love my hot tub and my hot tub cover. Being able to relax when I want without worrying about cleaning every time I want to jump is worth every penny to me!

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