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Hours model

  • Overview

    The Hours massage spa model is a full-sized massage spa that comes three full body loungers for 3 persons family, you enjoy the strong back, spinal, waist, calf and hip massage every day.

  • Features
    • 13 USA Aristech Acrylic Shell Colors
    • Ozone Pure Filtration
    • 100% no-leaking plumbing
    • • Colorful LED illumination system
    • No or less water protection system
    • Automatic anti-freezing system
    • All pipework be glued and clamped
    • Rigid bond six layers fusion system shell
    • Deep lounge deign to allow full-body for full immersion in the water
    • Exclusive complete draining of spa water
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  • Massage Effect Display

  • Product Specifications

    Measurements (L*W*H) 2150*1900*620 mm
    Reclining place 3 persons
    Net weight / Water volume 250KGS / 850L
    Shell (8mm) USA Aristech Acrylic
    Skirt (cabinet) Weatherable Polymer Synthetic
    PU insulation foam 25 mm
    Control box USA Balboa
    Control panel USA Balboa
    Heater 1 x 3 KW (Balboa)
    Ozone generator with injector and mixer 1 x 50 mg/h
    Massage pump 1 x 3.0 HP
    Circulation pump 1 x 0.35 HP
    Water jet (stainless steel) 51 PCS
    LED light 22 PCS
    Cartridge filter 1 PC
    Suction 2 PCS
    Air valve 2 PCS
    Corner drain valve 1 PC
    Spa bottom drain 1 PC
    Overflow valve 1 PC
    1.5 nature marble waterfall with LED light 1 PC

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