Powerful Massage Hot Tub

Royal Spa is one of the top outdoor spa manufacturers in the market with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. You can fulfill various aesthetic requirements with our wide range of designs and customizations for hot tubs.

Innovative design with beautiful LEDs, lighting up your mood

Self-produced leather foam cover with the functions of heat preservation, dustproof and sun protection

Micro-ban filter makes the water clean like crystal

Intelligent heater keep the temperature warm in winter and cold in summer

Certified by

  • ce
  • iso
  • saa
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Benefit you can find in royal spa

Professional OEM/ODM Service

Logo labelled or mould-made production accroding to your requirements.

Full Options to Customization

Whatever you want, we can provide include but not limited to control systems, water jets, led lights, Aristech Acrylics.

Fast Delivery

Tailor-made to the existing spas, the products transportant will be arranged within 30 days.

Long Warranty

Our hot tub comes with a two-year warranty for electrical parts and a five-year warranty for cylinder structures.

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    • Water Purification System
    • Energy Efficiency

    Water Purification System

    The cutting-edge Royal Spa Water Management System utilizes three hot tub sanitization methods—Ozone, UV light and a combination of multi-filtration and 24 hours circulation pump—to create a more effective hot tub sanitation solution than any other system on the market.


    UV Technology

    UV light can neutralize 99.9% of water-borne pathogens while keeping your water crystal clear and very easy to maintain.


    Multi-Stage Filtration

    The filtration system ensures your water is quickly and easily cleared of all the tiny particles and ready for the water treatment process.


    Ozone Generator

    Our ozonator, combinng a special mixer and additional injector, works to dissolve contaminants hiding in the water, which remains consistent method of water care.


    Frame Insulation

    Many of our Jacuzzi spas come fully-equipped with LED-lighting, which is used to help heal the human body through chromotherapy as a professional colour therapist.

    Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficient spas start with the superior heat retention from our environmentally friendly foam insulation. The insulation technology along with the shell, the floor, and the cabinet, makes them among the most energy efficient and long-lasting Jacuzzi spas on the market.


    Shell Insulation

    A 25mm-30mm layer of high-density polyurethane foam used to the shell.


    Cabinet Insulation

    A 15mm-thick aluminum foil attached to the inner cabinet of the spa and tubs.


    Base Insulation

    A layer of aluminum foil insulation for FRP bottom base aided in maintaining the temperature.


    Frame Insulation

    Insulation mats installed on the intermediate spaces between the stainless steel frames that help retain the heat within the setup.

    Molding Your Jacuzzi Spas

    Just The Right Size & Features For Your Ideas

    You can choose from an array of spa sizes, seating layouts and color combinations. Here we show you our mainly custom configuration.

    Create Your Spas

    Spa Shell Color Choice

    Aristech Acrylics is the material used in the spa shell for decades in our factory, always satisfying our customer with quality colors and innovative design.

    Our shell colors reflect current market demand and popularity, as well as having virtually no fading or color change. Choose from the various colours we provide to create your unique hot tub style.


    Royal Spa Jets Give You A Better Hydromassage

    The water jets’ arrangement is different for each individual massage seat. Depending on your requirements to the quantity of jets and seats, our designer can quickly adjust the pumps to fit to them in order to reach the best hydromassage experience.

    The difference in Royal Spa hot tub jets is that they do all this without any clogging or parts that wear out——a true breakthrough in spa jets.


    Wei Navigation series water jets


    Alpha series water jets


    Moon Series water jets


    Elegant Series water Jets

    We Make Your Spa Easy to Control

    At Royal Spa, we have always used Balboa or Gecko control systems for all of our hot tubs until now.

    You can choose one of these high-tech control systems for your spas, because they are both efficient and simple to operate. No need to worry about it costing hundreds to replace as all our Balboa and Gecko parts are supplied with 2 year warranty.

    American-made Balboa
    Canada-made Gekco

    LED Lights Upgrade Lighting Jacuzzi Hot tub

    A highlight of Royal Spa is the lighting. Most of our spas feature a multi-colored LED lighting system. More than 7 colors can be changed. They are 100% waterproof and will light for over 120 hours continuously.

    LEDs are incorporated into the spa shell, air jets and selected water jets, illuminating your pillows and neck seat, as well as creating a special spa environment.


    Who Are We ?

    20 Years Outdoor Spas Manufacturer

    For over 20 years, Royal Spa has specialized in Outdoor Spa, Hot Tub that serve different customers and fit their comforts. We mainly deal with exports to Europe with good reputation and we intend to open the market in the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets in the near future.

    Our company has made a professional production management to avoid any mistakes through our control of a strong water-testing and specifications. With our control of the production process, we make quality outputs at lower costs for you.


    Factory Space

    5000 pcs

    Annual Capacity


    Self-owned Plants


    Factory Certification

    Spas Crafted for Reliability and Innovation


    Mold Forming

    Mold is cleaned before the process to prevent bubbles from appearing. This also helps to shape the mold, creating a perfect product.


    Reinforce & Keep Warm

    Spa surface is reinforced with 8mm vinyl ester resin mixed with 6 layers of glass fiber for durability. The tub is then sprayed with foam insulation cotton for temperature regulation.


    Drill Hole

    Strategically-placed holes are carefully drilled on the spa surface. Water jets are then inserted to the holes and are trimmed to fit the space.


    Install The Frame

    A bracket made from 304 steel is mounted to the spa for stability. Its thick, steady surface allows the spa to support heavy weight without damaging the wooden frame.


    Jets & Pumps Installation

    Stainless steel clips are used to clamp small pipes linked to the nozzles. Imported glue is applied to the holes to cover them and ensure no leakage.


    Electric Parts Installation

    Electric parts like massage pumps, control systems, heaters, LED lights and ozone generators are placed accurately and securely on the spa frame.


    24 Hours Leakage Testing

    Tubs are allowed to run within a 24-hour time window to verify how parts work and for any leakage. This test is done twice for quality assurance.


    Hot Tub Clean

    Tub is masterfully cleaned to provide a fresh finish. Cabinets and other outer parts are installed to the tub at this stage.



    Completed tub is covered with pearl cotton, and then packed once more with cotton plastic bag for protection. An iron frame is also placed at the bottom for support.

    Our Projects

    1.Spa in Germany

    China Royal Spa in Germany

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    China Royal Spa in France

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    China Royal Spa in Sweden

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    China Royal Spa in UK

    5.Spa in Belgium

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    6.Spa in Netherlands

    China Royal Spa in Netherlands

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    China Royal Spa in Switzerland

    8.Spa in Italy

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    Spa in Uruguay

    China Royal Spa in Slovenia

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    China Royal Spa in Dubai hotel

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    China Royal Spa in Norway

    13.Spa in Finland

    China Royal Spa in Finland

    14.Spa in Denmark

    China Royal Spa in Denmark

    15.Spa in Spain

    China Royal Spa in Spain

    16.Spa in Russia

    China Royal Spa in Russia

    17.Spa in Cyprus 1

    China Royal Spa in Cyprus

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    China Royal Spa in Poland

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    China Royal Spa in Greece

    20.Spa in Romania

    China Royal Spa in Romania

    21.Spa in Hungary

    China Royal Spa in Hungary

    Spa in Portugal

    China Royal Spa in Portugal

    Royal Spa Hot tub in Austria

    China Royal Spa in Austria

    Creating Your Customizable Spas Coupled with Our Masterly Manufacturing

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