Everything You Need to Know How to Move a Hot Tub in 8 steps


I'm sure that you are already familiar with what a hot tub is. Nevertheless, Hot Tub, which also refers to SPAS or JACUZZI, is a large or small pool of hot water used for relaxation. There are many different kinds of hot tubs, but we will be focusing on moveable hot tubs such as above-ground outdoor hot tubs.

Move it Yourself or Hire an Expert to Move It for You

The first thing I consider before moving a Hot tub is whether I am physically capable of doing so, or I should hire a professional mover. Since I am physically fit, it is less expensive to move the hot tub myself than to hire a professional mover. Although aside my physical ability with the cheap cost of moving the hot tub, it could lead to greater casualties (causing personal injuries and damage to the hot tub) if it is not properly moved. Whereas, experienced professional movers are in a better position to easily move the hot tub because they have very professional equipment to get the job done smoothly.

However, if I decide to move the hot tub myself, it is not going to be an easy task, but with adequate preparation and planning, it can be done.

Cost to Hire a Hot Tub Mover

Therefore, before moving a hot tub, there is a need to consider the measurements, most notably the weight. For instance, an empty 56 Square foot (sq. ft.) hot tub weighs up to 900 pounds while if it is filled with water, it weighs up to 6000 pounds. While the average weight of a hot tub is from 1000 pounds. In such a case, I obviously can't be the only one to move the hot tub. The movement can only be possible with the help of some strong male friends. That is, no matter the measurements of the hot tub, moving it is not a one-person job. So if I want to consider a hot tub mover, how much will it cost me?

On average, it will cost $100 per hour to move a hot tub. On a higher-end, it can cost up to $180 per hour and on a lower end, $60 per hour.

Hot Tub Moving Materials

Some adequate tools are required for moving a hot tub such as:

Hot tub moving tools
  • 4-wheeled furniture dollies
  • Moving straps
  • Blanket
  • Hand truck
  • Several large plywood pieces (a 2-by-4 piece of wood)
  • A moving truck: the moving truck must have enough space for the specified hot tub. That is the moving truck is determined by the measurement of the hot tub.

Things to Do Before Moving a Hot Tub

 Moreover, certain things must not be forgotten before moving the hot tub:

  • 1. It must be disconnected from its electrical outlet.
  • 2. The hot tub accessories such as the heater, electrical units, pump, blower, and other resources depending on the model, must be separated and packed accordingly.
  • 3. To drain the hot tub by following the instructions of the hot tub manufacturer's guide or to make use of a garden hose to drain the hot tub in order to avoid damaging the yard or the neighbor's yard.
  • 4. To clean the hot tub after draining it with a wet-dry yac
  • 5. To remove the hot tub cover.
  • 6. To clear the pathway for moving the hot tub.

 8 Steps to move the hot tub

There are reliable steps by which a hot tub can be moved. These steps are:

  • Step #1: Acquire all the necessary tools as stated earlier.
  • Step #2: Get at most 10 willing strong men (this could be some friends and family) to help in moving the hot tub since it can't be done by one person.
  • Step #3: is to implement the listed unforgettable requirements which are: to disconnect to drain, to dry...
  • Step #4: is the beginning of the difficult task. This is when the plywood is placed under the hot tub with the help of at least four strong men. The purpose of this is to easily roll the furniture dollies underneath the hot tub. However, the hot tub has to be turned on its side if the pathway to the truck is narrow but if the pathway is flat there is no need to turn the hot tub. Once this is put into place, then we go to the next step
  • Step #5: Slide the furniture dolly under the front and back ends of the hot tub.
  • Step #6: Secure the furniture dolly with the moving straps in other to prevent the hot tub from falling off while the strong men still hold the sides of all the hot tub.
  • Step #7: Carefully roll the hot tub towards the measured fitted moving truck with the help of at least six strong men while two men are inside the truck to secure the hot tub to one side of the truck in other to prevent the hot tub from shifting back and forth on transit. For this purpose, many blankets are also used to prevent the hot tub from sustaining scratches in the course of transit.

Although, a hand truck will be needed if the movement of the hot tub is from upstairs to (the installation point) downstairs. The hand truck will be used for sliding down the stairs.

Step #8: The destination; when you have arrived at the designated place, the blanket can be removed and the straps loosened. With the help of 4 strong men (two at each side of the hot tub), the dollies are reused to roll the hot tub down the truck's ramp to the place it should be installed.

There are two caveats for removing a hot tub yourself without the help of a professional remover.

1. While making the hot tub the full weight should not be on its control panel.

2. The moment the hot tub is moved without the help of a professional remover; the hot tub warranty could be considered void.

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